Online esl jobs home based companies like avon

online esl jobs home based companies like avon

Click here for the comments and the Learntalk review page. Click here for the Class100 review page. Orange Talk (website is down) is hiring teachers to teach groups of Chinese kindergarten students. Sprout4Future (Chinese name is RouChi English ) also known to students and parents as Whales English. They offer individual and group classes. Apparently some of their bonuses include discounted gym memberships, public transportation fare, mobile plans, phone insurance and Apple discounts. They would like teachers to be available for.5 hours per week during peak time in China.

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ECommunication Ecom is looking for online teachers in Japan and around the world. Click here for the comments and the Global Mate New York review page. At the time of writing this post, EF is seeking candidates who can commit to early weekday mornings (4-8:30 am EST) and/or weekend nights/mornings (Friday night 8pm EST to Saturday morning 8am online esl jobs home based companies like avon EST and Saturday night 8pm EST to Sunday morning 8am EST). . Click here for the Face Talk review page. They pay non-natives less per hour but it could be as much as 12 USD and native English speakers could earn 16 20 with bonuses. PhoneBoxLanguage / English Skype Lesson are two closely related companies based in England. It is not known how much they pay, but everyone likes a BLT! In fact not much else is known about this company yet. They are working on a project of creating video recorded lessons for students in grades 7-11 based on American curriculum. There are various types and pathways to certification, and sites like ESLteacherEDU. They want native speaking teachers only. They pay up to 20 USD per 45 minute class and a base rate of 18 for group classes.

EC Talk Canada is based in Canada but their students (aged 10-12) are in China. Teachers must have.5 Mpbs internet connection. Click here to leave a comment or review for BlingABC. In most cases,. Educastream is based in France, it looks like they want natives speakers from the UK to teach part-time. Linguacircle (website is down) teaches individuals and groups. The starting pay was 14 an hour a year ago. Gogokid pays 14 25 USD per hour based on qualifications, attendance and your performance. They also want teachers to commit to at least 10 hours per week between 6pm-9pm Beijing time. They use games to engage kids. They offer flexible scheduling, bonuses and paid training.

Their students come from all around the world, and these sessions can be as informative for you as for your students just think of all the little bits of culture and language you can learn along the way! More information about this company would be great. This company be a good option for teachers living in Asia as their schedules would ey are looking for teachers with a university degree, tefl/celta and at least one year of teaching experience certificate. They are looking for teachers who have a bachelors degree and a tefl certificate. However, teachers are required to give homework and give regular feedback. EducationFirst is headquartered in the USA and was founded in 1965. The working hours are Monday to Sunday Monday-Sunday 7am-10am EST, and weekends 9pm-11pm. GlobalT is based in Seoul and they have over 50 teachers. Personally, I teach English face-to-face in the morning and online with Skype in the afternoon. In our increasingly global world, the need for English tutors is growing which is great news for you. TalktoCanada is a great company for Canadians (such as myself) to work for.

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The also pay you for Skype lessons 340 YEN per 25 minute class, 50 YEN for recordings and 10 YEN for replying to messages and editing conversations. Now they are also looking for native English speaking teachers who are willing to travel to Thailand, Vietnam and China for work. Click here for more comments and the Oikid reviews page. Click here for the comments and the Rype review page. Classes take place during the evenings (between 7pm and 9:20pm Beijing time). The pay starts at 10 but goes up to 11 after 30 days. I have had interviews with several of the companies on this list and I am currently working for one of them. Peak working hours are early mornings and weekend evenings in North American time zones. They are launching their English website soon but for now please send your. They pay around 17 per hour. They do not online esl jobs home based companies like avon list their requirements for applicants so non-native speakers should apply.

They pay.50 USD per 50 minute class. They ask teachers to have a university degree and teaching certificate. Since youre tutoring Japanese students, the hours are between 4 AM and 7 AM EST (which are evening hours for your students). Please note that all salary figures are approximations based upon third party submissions to Indeed. I dont know anything about this company.

Home Based ESL Jobs in the Philippines

Teachers must have a bachelors degree and teaching experience is preferred. Applicants are required to make a 10 minute demo class video on a topic of your choice as if it were given to a 4 year old. I imagine it would be interesting working for Duolingo, probably a great job. They pay between 18 and 22 USD per hour. The pay with Paypal. Their classes are 1 to 1 and 25 minutes long. Best10n1 I think many of their teachers are North American ex-pats living in China (and speak Chinese).

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Thankfully, you can get a laptop on Dell or Amazon these days for around 200. You are only required to teach a minimum of one class per week. Teachers set their own schedules, but must be available for at least 4 hours during peak Chinese hours (Weekday evenings, all day weekends). Click here for the comments and the NiceTalk review page. Click here for more comments and the Haowj review page. One complaint we hear quite frequently from the companies doing the hiring, however, is people not taking it seriously or being committed. Please contact Trevor with your resume. Their students are primarily Spanish speaking Latinos. Talk Bean is based in South Korea online esl jobs home based companies like avon and most of their students are in Korea, Japan or China. Classes are 25 or 50 minutes long. They want native speaking teachers with a degree, a ESL certificate and experience. They teach Korean children and adults. They offer a 12 month contract and their peak times are Monday to Friday 5:30pm 10:30pm and on weekends 9:30am 9:30pm Beijing time.

They have more than 300 teachers and are only looking for native speakers. TutorEye is based in the USA and they are looking for English teachers as well as specific science and math teachers. They are now looking for freelance language teaching experts in early childhood education and Curriculum specialists. Previous teaching experience and a tefl certificate are preferred. Learnship is based in Germany. If you have any info or if you work for them please leave us a review. Click here for the comments and the Best1on1 review page. Click here for the GlobalVCC review page. They offer a base rate salary with bonuses but I think the salary is low. Cena Academy looks like a good company, although according to this link they are not currently hiring as of June 2018. The website has many Vietnamese teachers listed so it appears that they hire non-native English teachers as well. Kampus World is looking for native speakers with a university degree, an ESL teaching certificate and three years of teaching experience with adults. To help with their platform, not to teach languages but to act as a sort of consultant.

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After a teacher has taught 500 hours they get a 1 an hour increase. Opportunities to teach are available 24 hours per day, 363 days per year. They are currently offering a bonus of online esl jobs home based companies like avon 300 after your first 3 classes. Synergy Language Consultants (website is down) is based in South Africa and they are currently hiring. Applicant needs to be a resident of the US or Canada. Open English salary starts at around 10 per hour.

They want both native and non-native English speaking teachers with 2 years experience working with children and a certificate or degree in teaching languages. Open English is all over the TV down here in Argentina, (with some really silly commercials) I think it is quite popular across Latin America. They do hire non-native English teachers though. Click here for the Telelangue review page. There are a few sites who prefer a degree though it may not be required: While these companies may not require a degree, the pay rate reflects that. They pay 2 -4 USD per hour. At the time of publishing this post, the website gives an earnings estimate of 22 to 26 per hour. Online Teachers UK online esl jobs home based companies like avon (otuk) is a small UK based company targeting mostly Russian students. They pay at least.50 USD per hour and up to 16 per hour. Teachers must have tesol certificate. Some common requirements in this industry include 4GB RAM, Windows operating system, Intel Core i3 or above. Click here for the Lingua Airlines review page.

online esl jobs home based companies like avon

Home based online english teacher Jobs

They teach government workers, online esl jobs home based companies like avon university students and business professionals. Click here for more comments and the RareJob review page. Peak teaching times are from 7pm 9:30pm Beijing time. Click here for the OSConnect review page. They pay 7 to 9 USD per hour for individual and group classes.

They also want native English speaking teachers who have some post-secondary education. In general, the requirements for being an ESL (English as a Second Language) tutor revolve around being a native English speaker who is personable, interesting and has great presentation skills. Click here for the Vipteens review page. Assisting another in learning a useful skill and watching them develop that skill is a very satisfying thing. . Click here for the Tandem review page. Pay depends on experience and is paid in New Taiwan Dollars. They pay 20-25 USD per hour. Click here for the Learnlight review page. Buke8 salary is unknown at this point. You choose how much you work, and their availability is wide open as they offer lessons 24 hours a day, every day. Face Talk (website is down) is a Chinese English teaching app.

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Teachers can choose as many hours as they want to work from Monday to Sunday: 6:30am-11:30am 6:30pm-11:30pm, Beijing Time. Click here for the Classo review page. Golden Voice English has been popping on the job boards quite frequently lately. Hioffer appears to be just a recruiting company for ESL teachers. It looks like they accept non-native English speakers. They pay with Paypal. The lower number online esl jobs home based companies like avon is often the base rate for a full hour worked some sites offer 30, 40 or 45-minute class blocks the higher number is with bonuses and incentives tied to working a specific number of hours each week or month. Click here for the Fluentify review page. According to a commenter here pay depends on experience, education and possibly nationality. They are looking for full-time (8 hours a day) and part-time teachers with a university degree and a tesl certificate is preferred.

They pay between 14 and 22 USD per hour depending on experience and incentives. Elinet is based in Vancouver, Canada. They have their own platform with videos and it looks like a lot of students use. Classes take place in the early night time for teachers in the Americas. The pay is around 3-5 per hour. Not sure if they are hiring. Click here for the otuk review page. They will consider a higher wage for teachers experienced with toefl and for those who speak Portuguese. Gofluent has clients worldwide allowing for a more flexible schedule to those here in the.S. They want teachers with experience and a university degree or an ESL certificate. Woospeak based in France and they would like their teachers to be able to speak French. They may require you to send copies of your certificates and a police record check. They also teach other languages like Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Arabic and Italian.

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The starting pay is 16-20USD per hour and there are bonuses. Click here for the Novo English review page. SinceWin is another Chinese company that specializes in teaching children aged 3-13 (most students are aged 3-6). They pay 14-22 USD per hour. Click here for the comments and the MentorPhone review page. Org offer resources to guide you. They want teachers with an ESL teaching certificate. BiteABC is looking for native speakers with a bachelors degree and a tefl/tesl certificate.