Trend intensity index trading strategy

trend intensity index trading strategy

6, in 2010, research by the global human resources company. The airport of Karachi, Jinnah International Airport (also known as Quaid-e-Azam International Airport) is the largest and busiest airport in Pakistan fork bitcoin private and handles 6 million passengers a year. It is also a major source of export earning. The city's two ports, Port of Karachi (Pakistan's largest) and Port Qasim, are central to nearly all shipping in Pakistan. They generate huge revenues for the city in advertising and provide jobs and entertainment. Nearly all banks that operate in Pakistan have their corporate headquarters in the city. 2 Karachi's contribution to national revenue is around. It has a rapidly flourishing 'Free Zone' with an annual growth rate of nearly.5 percent. Fisheries edit Karachi is the biggest fishery hub in Pakistan.

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An expo center has also been set up in Karachi, which hosts many regional and international exhibitions including the ideas Defence Exhibition. 1 Karachi's high GDP is based on its large industrial trend intensity index trading strategy base, with a high dependency also on the financial services sector. IT trends edit The recent trend of ICT ( information and communications technology electronic media and call centres has become a significant part of Karachi business hierarchy. Call centres for foreign companies have been targeted as a significant area of growth, with the government making efforts to reduce taxes by as much as 80 percent in order to gain foreign investments in the IT sector. Source: 8, a substantial chunk of Sindhs GDP is attributed to Karachi 9 10 (the GDP of Sindh as a percentage of Pakistans total GDP has traditionally hovered around 29/30)., karachis GDP is around 20 of the total GDP of Pakistan. The airport also receives the largest number of foreign airlines; a total of 27 airlines fly to Jinnah International, predominantly from the Middle East and South East Asia. Karachi Stock Exchange edit Karachi Stock Exchange is Pakistan's largest and oldest stock exchange, with many Pakistani as well as overseas listings. Toyota is in the process of increasing production capacity to over 120,000 units per annum. Revenue collection edit In line with its status as a major port and the country's largest metropolis, it accounts for most of Pakistan's revenue generation. Other industrial zones are located in Landhi, Korangi, FB Area, North Karachi and Port Qasim. Karachi is the financial and industrial capital. According to Bloomberg, Pakistan ranked third in 2014. In 2002, it was declared the Best Performing Stock Market of the World for the year 2002 citation needed.

trend intensity index trading strategy

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Among others, Millat Tractors, Daihatsu, HinoPak Buses and Trucks manufacturing plants are also located in Karachi. 7, contents, pakistan and its two largest city economies. The industrial estates in Karachi. As a sign of the growing strength of the electronic media sector, GEO TV is planning to start an additional 10 channels and for this purpose is setting up a 50-acre (200,000 m2) studio in the city. 1 Dozens of new manufacturing units are also being built near the Pakistan Steel Mill. 2 Revenue collected from Karachi includes revenue from some other areas since the Large Tax Unit (LTU) Karachi and Regional Tax Offices (RTOs) Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur and Quetta cover the entire province of Sindh and Baluchistan. Business districts edit. According to the Pakistan Federal Board of Revenue's year book tax and customs units in Karachi was responsible for.75 of direct taxes,.65 of federal excise tax, and.38 of domestic sales tax. Karachi is also known as software outsourcing hub of Pakistan. 1 the city accounts about half of the total collections of the. Banking sector edit View of the.

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