123 trading strategy

123 trading strategy

In order for the trend to the upside to remain active, each successive impulse swing must take out the point 2 in the formation. The trend should be fairly strong without a lot of retracements and pauses. As the price drops, the smart money sees an opportunity to possibly make a little profit on another pop to the number 1 high, but they are less committed because most of the longer term momentum indicators are still giving. Although, hedge fund forex trading strategies of all the possible 123 trade strategies, thats my least favorite because it requires you to risk the most pips. Im going to show you my favorite strategy with lots of examples. Thats the reason why I like to trade on pure price action. You need to place your stop a few pips above the number 1 point.

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Then I found the 123 candlestick pattern and I never had to look for another strategy again. The second is trading the "standard" break of the number 2 123 trading strategy point and the third is to trade the retracement after the break of the number 2 point. How do I trade a 123 Reversal? That seems statistically possible, doesnt it? Sometimes I find that its better looking on the lower time frame. When do 123 Reversals occur? Keep in mind that even though it is a continuation pattern upon confirmation, it is also a reversal pattern from the short term trend direction. That's one of the things I learned early on from Winner's Edge. We now have a double bottom chart pattern and just as the 1 2 3 trading strategy needs a breach of #2 to confirm the pattern, so does the double bottom. That's part of the job. The completion of a number 3 point is the first indication that a 123 reversal may be occurring. Next, youre looking for a new high, but it must be a lower high than the number 1 point.

The third trade hits the.618 Fibonacci level which is quite popular when used to portion out swing points. As the market continues to drop, they unload those positions to the smart money - who are more willing to buy as the price drops lower. Please note that the 1 2 3 price pattern is only confirmed once the high at point #2 is taken out by price. We will look at a conservative method for those traders that need a little extra confirmation in their trades. Remember that on the longer time frames, the spread may actually fluctuate before the entry is made. I day trade periodically and will watch the 5 minute and 15-minute charts, but I have a short attention span, so I've got to be in the right frame of mind to do that. This is a strong uptrend with volume. Actually, all I was interested in was trading entries. Let me tell you now. Selling Rules: once youve identified the 123 chart pattern in a downtrend, wait for a breakout candlestick. Read Three White Soldiers Three Black Crows Forex Trading Strategy. This is the number 3 point.

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Officially, your 123 trading strategy trade entry is a break of the number 2 point to the downside. Once price begins to retrace, put this currency pair on your radar. But dont follow through because the market is trading in a range. Summary The 1 2 3 trading strategy is a pure price action trading method that uses a sound approach to trading. How to find opportunity in Forex. Front Running We can position early in the 1 2 3 formation when we have basing occurring. You will take losses with this forex reversal pattern strategy so be prepared for that. As I've said, charts reflect the emotions of traders. And remember not to freak out if the trade goes against you and/or stops out. We have most variables need for the 1 2 3 trading strategy but price is forming a range near the level at #3. Ideally, we would like to see some form of basing near the resistance level (red line).

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Point 2 becomes the lowest low point (forms support) and price moves. Example of a 123 Low on GBP/JPY H1 After the price drops below the consolidation at the number 2 point, it most likely will pop up in a retracement (the market likes to let off steam after breaking. If the next high exceeds the point 1 high, then your 123 high is blown and you can move on and look elsewhere. You see this pause (its just a pause right now, well have to see if it turns into anything more than that) happening right at a historical area of congestion. And there you have. This is the number one point. Trading Strategy Trading Plan, lets take a look at a potential trading method to trade the 1 2 3 trading strategy. I use three different entries for the 123. 123 Trading Plan, trade Setup. This is either traders positioning short in the range or the longs taking profits.

You see, losing is part of your job. Again, to the left, you can see the same uptrend I showed you earlier. False breakouts can happen. The 1 2 3 trading strategy is used as a continuation trading setup that is designed to take advantage of the trend of the market. On the shorter time frames (less than one hour you have to watch continually or you will miss your opportunity. In 2009, I was still doing that, but my 8000 account was now about 500 and I still couldnt make money. Price rallies to this point and then begins to retrace back in the direction of the price at #1.

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The breakout candlestick must breakout to the downside and close below point. The surge in volume is due to the "not so smart" money finally recognizing the trend and jumping on the bandwagon (euphoria - "this trend could last forever, I gotta get me some".) That surge in volume usually happens when a move has reached exhaustion. When its going against them, they are experiencing fear when will it stop? That will give you a good risk-reward ratio. Once price shatters the #2 price zone, enter at the close of the daily candlestick (or whatever time frame you are using) and use an ATR stop. I like to trade this using a forex 1hr chart strategy. You will most likely see the price bounce right after your entry and it may consolidate some before dropping, so don't sweat it, just ride it out. As I mentioned before, 123 reversals most often happen at areas of support and resistance. Example of an Ugly 15m EUR/USD 123 High As I've mentioned several times, I use three different entries in trading 123 reversals. If bulls were fully in chart during the retrace at 2, we should not see two shots at the level #3. I thought if I could pick the right direction every time, I could make a million bucks out of my 123 trading strategy measly 8000 trading account. The more favorable setup is to have either basing near the extreme or a slight pullback in price which we see with orange box. I tried to trade like someone else, but I couldn't be profitable that way.

( 2 votes, average:.00 out of 5) Loading. It's also why you should watch for this point at a place of strong resistance. To the left you will see what was a potential 123 high that is about to be blown. It is at the confirmation of the patter that a trader can place a conservative trading position in the market. But only the price action can show you how our emotions are affecting the market. You can also, my preference is coming, use a 14 period Average True Range. As I mentioned, the risk is greater on the second entry. This will be the number 2 point of your 123. Something like a pin bar or an engulfing bar. It does give you some indication of the collective opinion of your brokers traders. Point 3 will be the 2nd low point, a support level ( which must be higher that the point 1 which is the lowest low point ). Should I get out? Sometimes the breakout candlestick may be extremely long which means your stop loss distance will also beg long reflecting this.